Hanging position annealing and hardening

The 4000 mm WMV furnace is equipped with a construction for annealing parts in hanging position. In this way bending problems are prevented in the most effective way during the heat treatment.

WMV heat treatments

The deep vertical WMV furnace has been developed to harden Lunac coatings deposited on long parts as well as to anneal parts up to 4000 mm / 157.5" at 3000 Kg / 6667Lbs under partial inert gas (Nitrogen 98.5%). Our stress relieve temperature in this furnace is limited to 420 °C, so extended exposure time should be applied (mostly 10 hours instead of mostly 1.5 hours at 550 °C) . This furnace can reach this temperature within 2 hours and the additional heating time is 1 hour per 20 mm object radius. Very important is the hanging position of long parts will prevent them from any possible bending during the annealing process. A heating procedure report will be added to the treated parts.

The 4000 mm / 157.5" WMV forced air furnace with hanging position capability and partial inert gas protection.
Picture left; the support construction for annealing in vertical hanging position with an axle.