Lunac 1Lunac 1 Deutschcorrosievaste anti kleef coating

Lunac 1

  • Hard shiny pore-free metallic glass coating. Outstanding
    non-stick properties, corrosion resistance and bond.
  • Thickness of coating: 10 - 150 µm (usually 40µm / 0.0016")
  • Hardness: up to HRc 65

Specific Lunac 1 features:

non stick coating for dies and extrusion parts

  1. One of the best available hard industrial non-stick coating when applied to food and plastic processing equipments. Lunac 1 is designed to improve product release and melt flow, and in addition it reduces or eliminates die lines, edge build-up, W-line, head drooling, mold pollution, bad product and roller release and plastic degradation.

  2. Lunac 1 facilitates cleaning of parts significantly, which has been observed in both the baking and plastic processing industries (see 'applications', right column). In plastic processing machines this effect saves a substantial amount of cleaning time in the case of (especially blue LLDPE!) colour change.
  3. In addition to being highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, Lunac 1 is able to offer a longlasting protection against corrosive plastics such as (C)PVC, ABS, PC, PET, HIPS, or even some fluoroplastics such as PVDF or PFA (if the thermal degradation is limited).
  4. Partly because of its inert nature, Lunac 1 can eliminate black particle formation completely. (see figure 2 below in which the left
    part represents the Lunac 1 plated inert area of a PC processing screw).
  5. 'Flow polish nature', i.e. polish time ca reduced up to 20-fold compared to the polish time required for tooling steel (CrMoV4). Obtainable roughness: Ra < 0.01 µm (.0004 mil), starting from Ra 0.35 µm (.0138 mil), Rz +/- 2.5 µm (0.1 mil).
  6. Molds coated with Lunac 1 preserve their highly polished and scratch-resistant structure.
  7. Without substrate stresses, hardened Lunac 1 does not develop micro-cracks (see figure 4).
  8. Complies fully with the RoHS standard.

    Food safety approval Lunac 1

    Non-hardened Lunac 1 is approved for applications in
    food processing equipment, according to LFGB
    (Germany BGBI.I S.215 and BGBI. I S. 2159).

    industrial non stick coating for extrusion parts

    General Lunac system features:

    - Lunac can establish a full (welding quality)
    bond with the metallic substrate. Lunac edges
    may be sharpened due to the high bond.

    Lunac coatings can be applied to:

    - almost every kind of (stainless)
    steel (up to HRc 50)

    - nearly all copper alloys

    Other important Lunac characteristics:

    - the throwing power in complex / deep structures is
    approximately 6 times better than the throwing power
    of hard chromium (resulting in less edge build up).

    - starting at 23 µm (0.0009") Lunac coatings
    can completely seal the surface.

    - Hardened Lunac 1 is moderately brittle.


    Figure 1. The second part of this multi layer die has been coated with Lunac 1 and benefits from the ultimate non-stick and corrosion resistance effect (and correspondingly fewer die lines)

extrusion screw with corrosion resistant non stick coating
Figure 2. It can clearly be seen that on the left side of this screw, which has been coated with Lunac 1, black deposition (and consequently) black particle formation have been completely inhibited. The uncoated screw, however, has caused a product rejection of more than 12% due to black particles that were present in the final clear product. This success is achieved by creating an iron-free and inert environment combined with the rheological improvements in which such degradation is prevented from occurring. Screw plating can be very successful as long as the applicant accurately complies with the prerequisites.

non stick coating for baking plates

Figure 3. These waffle baking plates demonstrate the self-cleaning effect based on the remarkable difference in surface energy and tarnish resistance between Lunac 1 coated products and ordinary steel. In addition to this, unlike PTFE based coatings, Lunac 1 can durably resists steel brushes.



importance of corrosion resistant crack free coating Figure 4. These images of lens molds show the effect of hardening of 100 µm (4 mil) Lunac 1 and 100 µm electroless nickel (320°C/ 608 F). Hardened electroless nickel developed micro cracks and consequently lost its corrosion protective quality and fine contours. This also applies to machine parts deployed in fluoroplastic processing due to the high process temperatures. Lunac 1 coated (fluoroplastic processing) machine parts can fully replace existing expensive corrosion resistant nickel alloy alternatives.



Watch this movies displaying the ease of cleaning an LDPE
processing extrusion die after one year normal production

Movie taken at: AMWILL S.R.L. Italy

Watch this movies displaying the ease of cleaning an overheated
LDPE processing extrusion die coverred with charred plastic.
Before the coating was applied, the remnants had to be ground away.
Movie taken at: AMWILL S.R.L. Italy