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WMV, special industrial coatings
and material research

  • High performance Lunac 1, Lunac 2+ and technical hard nickel
    coatings for tools and machine parts
  • Tool shop and high capacity vertical heat treatment ovens
  • Material and (cryo) tribology research department
  • Specialised flat and round diamond grinding


What distinguishes WMV from other plating companies and
laboratories for tribology and material research ?:

  1. Almost no coating (or alloy) is capable to completely combine: high hardness (> Hv 1100) and anti-galling / full bond / sea water resistance / pore and crack-free surface / sub surface corrosion inhibition and partial shock resistance in the way Lunac 2+ duplex does.
  2. The plating department and the laboratory for tribology and material research work very closely, which facilitates innovative solutions and quality control: this exchange of know-how results in a very practical approach to the development of research methods.
  3. All Lunac alloy coatings are unique and exclusive WMV products. The full bond and thick coating capability with a great variaty of regular alloys is nearly unparalleled due to the 6 steps of alloy specific pre-treatment and our extensive database developed over the last 29 years.
  4. As well as large runs, WMV is equally well-adapted to carrying out single jobs
  5. We store the plating data from every project for reasons of reproducibility.
  6. Most WMV employees are mechanical engineers or chemists and
    consequently are able to offer comprehensive technical support.
  7. Hardening and annealing can take place in a hanging position.

    full coating bond

    All WMV coatings can offer full bond. This photograph displays
    a sliced and over-stretched section. Still, even thick and broken
    Lunac 2+ layers do not peel off.

    WMV Lunac and material research

    WMV tribology material research Lunac and vertical annealing

    Plating facility and hardening ovens.

    central picture Left
    third 4000 mm (157"), Ø 780 mm (32.3") / 3000 kg plating line,

    central picture middle
    second 1100 x 520 x 1100 mm (43.3 x 20.47 x 43.3") / 3000 Kg plating line

    central picture far right; a part of the
    first 700 x 400 x 700 mm (27.56 x 15.75 x 27.56") / 1500 Kg plating line.

    The third production line is highly automated and has been designed
    with the most advanced technology. The surrounding pictures
    show some of the supporting laboratory equipment.

    vertical hanging annealing
    The WMV horizontal and vertical forced-air circulation ovens can harden or anneal parts up to L = 4500 and 4160 mm (177 and 163") at Ø 870 mm (33.07"). An additional structure can be installed to treat parts up to 4000 mm / 157.5"/3000 Kg in a hanging position.

Machining department

grinding of semi ceramic plated rod

diamond grinding

Special support-systems can be manufactured on our various lathes, milling and grinding machines. Various flat and round grinding machines (round up to 3200 mm / 126 ") are able to finish Lunac 2+ coated products to +/- 2 µm tolerance.

roller revision with ceramic coating

Revision of steel plate transport roller with Lunac 2+. The picture displays the last precision diamond grinding step at WMV. Due to the ultimate hardness and anti-galling property of the Lunac 2+ coating on this roller, the wear rate will substantially drop.